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ARC Diffuser

ARC Diffuser


The ARC Diffuser is a pure diffuser. It has no high frequency cut-off, even off-axis, and is effective from about 630 Hz and up.

ARC diffusers can add sonic spaciousness to the room, air around the instruments, and accuracy to the timbre. They also improve clarity in speech and spatial focus, without making the room sound too dead.

ARC is a matte-grey painted 20 gauge convex metal diffuser and is typically installed behind stretch-fabric systems. The open sides and unfilled interior mean that it acts purely as a diffuser and does not introduce any appreciable absorption characteristics. It includes a damping sheet, applied to the back, to eliminate resonant ringing.

ARC Diffusers are convex arcs, which are very effective at dispersing sound. They donít have high frequency or angle of incidence limitations, and down to their low frequency cut-off, their polar plots are very smooth and omni-directional across the receiver arc.

A single 2' x 2' ARC can be used at a single listenerís first order reflection point. More ARCs can cover more listeners and/or provide both vertical and horizontal diffusion for hemispherical sound scattering. Plus, ARC can be installed in an adjustable depth of 3"-5" for even more randomization.

Most commonly, ARCs are used to enhance surround sound speakers in the rear of the room. They can also be used at reflection points (in place of absorption) when reverberation times are low.

When installing multiple panels, it is good practice to avoid mounting four or more together with the same directional orientation, depth and spacing. Doing so can create repeated constructive and destructive conditions for particular frequencies. Changing the spacing, depths and/or orientations will eliminate such conditions.