Bringing Acoustics Home

Sound Isolation Wall and Ceiling Clip

IsoMax - Patent No. 7,093,814

Low Cost, Space Saving Walls and Ceilings

Designers wanting low-cost, space-saving ceilings and walls that provide superior noise control employ KINETICS™ IsoMax sound isolation clips. Offering significantly higher STC values than drywall attached to resilient channel, IsoMax ensures that installers will not inadvertently screw through the “resilient” leg of the channel into the joist or stud. This feature cannot be underestimated given the frequent, unknown occurrences where resilient channel is accidentally rendered ineffective because it is hard-attached.

The IsoMax Advantage

IsoMax Dimensions

Model IsoMax Dimensions

UL Fire Ratings

Design No. L583

Floor/Ceiling Assembly allows the broadest range of joist or truss assemblies including: engineered "I" joists, wood and steel trusses, 2 x 10 wood joists, and parallel chord trusses. Allows fiberglass or mineral wool insulation with two (2) layers of gypsum wallboard.

Framing Members Certified by UL

Design Nos. L521, L528, L583, U305, U356, U419, U477, V489, V498.

Framing Members Certified by UL for Canada

Design Nos. L521, L528, U305, U356, U419, V489, V498.

Note: Some color variation on the rubber component of the IsoMax clip is normal. This is based on the amount of surface wax (white in color) present on the black rubber. Product performance is not affected.



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